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The HIN identification number is a series of unique numbers assigned by the manufacturer to a boat.

The purpose of the identification is to differentiate one vessel from another and help to prevent theft. However, older boats that were built before November 1972 do not have a standardized HIN. But that made from November 1972 should have the HIN, which is 12 digits.

When buying a used boat, you need to inquire about the HIN. The ID will give you information about the boats and help you determine if it is the right investment for you

What is a Hin Lookup Tool?

When buying a water vessel, you need to use the HIN Lookup tool. The lookup tools are a valuable device in any Water vessel industry as it gives comprehensive data about your boat.

You can get vital information like Accidents, Collisions, Recall and many more. By making use of the HIN Lookup, you will eliminate guessing the features and the specs. All you need to do to get the boat's information is use HIN Lookup website and feed in the HIN number.

How to Find the Boat’s HIN Number?

The HIN is located on the metal or plastic plate on the transom of the boat. When checking for the number, search for it on the transom's right side and within two inches of the transom's top. It can also be found on the deck joint or the gunwale, depending on your boat and the lowest part

On those vessels that do not have a transform or those that might be impractical to have the HIN number on a transfer, then you can find it fixed on the starboard. This is, in most cases, the right outboard side of the hull. The number can be found within one foot of the sten and two inches of the hull side's top. Again, depending on the type of vessel you have, the number can be found on the gunwale or hull, depending on the low one.

How To Decoder the Boat/Watercraft identification Number (HIN)?

The first three digits found of the HIN number is the manufacturer ID code. The next five numbers that follow are the Hull serial number. Then ninth and the tenth digit is the date of certification or manufacture. The last two digits are the model year that the boat was made.

What is the Boat history report?

Just like buying a used car, you ought to be careful when purchasing used boats. Most people will not make a single payment on used cars unless they have done the VIN Check.

The VIN is used to determine if the automotive has an unfavorable past and is safe for men to use. You can search the details of the vehicle by using the VIN. This will help you determine if the vehicle has been reported stolen and not recovered, if it is a lemon, or registered as salvage by the insurance companies.

Just like the vehicle, you can get information about your used boat. When you are in the market for a yacht, shopping for a used boat is a more practical and affordable solution. Like the used cars, some boats could have an unfavorable history that might be dangerous for men to use.

Some issues you might get with your boat are: theft, accident damage, flooding, hurricanes, and fire. Some problems could affect the boat's safety and could affect integrity.

However, you should note that inspecting the boat might not give you these details, especially if it was prepaid by a professional. The best way to learn about the ship is by requesting a History report.

The report will have all the boat information, like ownership records, accidents, and repairs. That will give you ample information to decide if this is the boat for you to buy.

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