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If you have a shorter HIN, check it again and copy it correctly. The HIN identification number is a series of 12 unique numbers assigned by the manufacturer to a boat.

What is Boat HIN Check?

Do you want to buy a boat? The chances are that you have found some good deals online if this is the case. However, buying a boat can be a huge compromise. You might end up in trouble if you do not do your due diligence before buying the boat. Fortunately, a boat HIN check will help.

A boat HIN check will help you discover the history of the boat. You can discover the hull identification number by checking the hull. In most cases, the hull identification number is on the back of your boat.

The boat HIN check will help you discover the following about your boat:

  • The year of manufacture.
  • The manufacturer.
  • Country.
  • Serial number

What is HIN Lookup Tool?

A HIN lookup tool is a resource you can use to verify the authenticity of your boat's hull identification number. These tools help boat owners avoid trouble with the law allowing them to confirm the boat HIN. Moreover, prospective boat owners can use these tools to learn more about the history of the boat.

However, a HIN lookup tool will only let you know about the number of records the boat has. You will have to buy a boat history report to discover more about the history of the boat you have in mind.

What is a HIN (Hull Identification Number?)

Have you been wondering what the series of letters and numbers on your boat's transom represent? Well, these letters and numbers are HIN numbers. Also known as, Hull Identification Numbers, HIN numbers on your boat are similar to the VINs of cars.

Every boat manufactured after November 1, 1972, must have a HIN number. The law requires this 12-character number, Boat manufacturers also use HIN to determine the boat owner in the case of a defect notification or recall.

How to Find a Boat's HIN number?

There are two types of hull identification numbers namely, the primary HIN and a secondary HIN. The hull identification number can either be on a plate that is metallic or plastic on the transom of the boat.

In case the boat does not have a flat back it should be put on the right side of the transom on the starboard or top of the gunwale, transom, or deck joint Moreover, for the boats that do not have transoms it should be on the outboard side of the hull fixed to the starboard. For the catamarans that have replaceable hulls, it should be on the aft crossbeam.

When fixing the secondary hull identification number ensure that it is put in an area that is not exposed, for instance, the interior side.

How to Decode the Boat Identification Number (HIN)

Are you having trouble interpreting the hull identification number? The boat identification number is similar looks like this, ACD 5566 3679.

The first three letters represent the manufacturer ID code and are assigned by the Coast Guard, while the next four characters denote the serial number. The last four characters show the date of certification.

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