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If you have a shorter HIN, check it again and copy it correctly. The HIN identification number is a series of unique numbers assigned by the manufacturer to a boat.

What is HULL ID Lookup?

When buying a boat, getting the vessel report is not enough. It is paramount for you to do a HULL ID lookup. Most of the sites will require you to fill in the boat model, year, and HULL ID.

The information you fill in the HULl ID lookup site will be enough to determine if the ID is for the boat you have or not. In most sites, it will not be asked to pay to get this information.

Before a man buys a boat, it is critical for you to get this information to ensure that the boat you have bought is right for you.

Getting the information is a way of protecting your interest and ensuring that you are not scammed.

What is a HULL Identification Number (HIN)

The HULL Identification Number (HIN) is a form of identification given to boats. Each boat has a unique HIN that you can use to identify it.

The HIN number in most cases is a 12-character serial number that you can use to uniquely identify the boat. They can be compared to the VIN found in automobiles. However, the HIN number is only available for boats that were produced after 1972. Before then, the water vessels did not have a HIN.

How to Find the Boat's HIN Number?

You can get the HIN on a metal or plastic plate, in most cases on the transform of the yacht. In most cases, it will be on the right starboard (right) side of the transform. However, not all boats have a transform and if that is the case with the vessel you want to buy, you can get the HIN within a foot of the stern on the hull side.

For the boats with replaceable hulls, the HIN can be fixed to the aft crossbeam. Before buying a boat, ensure that you have checked the HIN. It is possible to miss the HIN if you do not see it, then you should inquire from the seller. Just like VIN in cars, you cannot chan the HIN without authorization.

How to Decode the HULL Identification Number (HIN)?

The HIN 12-digits identification is used to explain the boat and the make it has. The first three characters found is the Manufactures Identification Code (MIC).

The codes are given to the manufacture of the boat or the person who is importing it. The coast guard is the one who appoints the numbers.

The digits 4-8 are the serial number assigned by the manufacturer. The last four digits are there to show the year that the vessel was built and the model. When you get a boat, this information is important as it will give you details of the boat.

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